Friday, 30 September 2011

Production of "Preliminary Exercise"

On Monday 26th September 2011, me and my group (Jessika, Zoe and Katie) started and completed filming of our "Continuity film". It took us under two hours to complete filming; We stuck by the storyboard, shared the camera and also, put in more shots that were not in the original storyboard (and cutting out scenes).

Katie managed to take pictures on my camera of Production so I am able to show you evidence of filming.

 Setting Up
This is Zoe's first time setting up a camera before filming and succefully did it well. The process of the test is so that newcomers of the lesson would know how to do this during production and show newcomers how easy it is.

 Setting Up/ Preparing
We all went to a free room and decided for it to be our location. In this picture, me and Zoe are testing when she recieves the message (from the unknown number).

Also, you can see the Camera was set up by Jessica and Katie, also positioned for our first shot of the day.
We all took turns filming so the group could give ideas, create new shots and new ideas for the film.
The camera was slightley heavy, so we had to take precortions and maybe (sometimes) have another person holding the camera when doing different shots e.g low angle shot, tracking, etc.
We all stuck by the storyboard as best as we could, here I am filming Zoe recieving the message (medium to close up).

Many shots were not that difficult, but we would have to do maybe 3 different takes on some scenes (the surprise scene for example). Everyone in the group came up with new ideas, like Jessica playing the piano while singing Happy Birthday and the lights coming on.
 End of Production
We were all pleased with our work and managed to finish the film in under 2 hours!

I think the othermembers of the group really enjoyed filming because it was a new experience for them and also, they were able to provide ideas and new shots; Giving us a broader imagination. The day was a success.

Now we enter Post-Production....

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Storyboards (for Assignment)

Here are some of the storyboards that Me, Kirsty, Jess and Zoe designed for the short assignment.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Why have you chosen Media?

The reason for taking Media for Year 12-13 is not just because I have done the BTEC Media for Year 10-11, but due to the fact I wanted to know more about the media industry, show skills I am able to develop over the 2 years at Sixth Form and also, the Media A-Level seems to be a challenging lesson, but I love the challenges that come my way.

What other subjects are you studying?

Along with Media Studies (A-level), I am studying BTEC Production Arts which is a subject teaching the backstage and “behind the scenes” of Theatre, which you can consider in the future and also, use your imagination to design/build set pieces, props, etc.

And lastly; a subject I have wanted to take for a while, is Theatre studies. Theatre studies is a very challenging subject too, as you are able to be taught about Acting, how to perform, research on other plays, etc. The reason for picking Theatre studies is because I wanted to know more about acting and develop or build on my performing skills.

Who is your favourite band and why?

I don’t have a favourite band but If I had to pick one personally, I think it would be “My Chemical Romance” because the music is just so loud you can literally go crazy and enjoy the song at the same time.

When I listen to “some” of the band’s songs, it always reminds me of certain things to me and it also, gets me into the mood to do something. I think that is a great thing about music, you can almost relate to it.

What are your favourite TV programmes?

At the top of my small list of favourite TV programmes would certainly be “Doctor Who”, the fact you could have endless stories and ideas every year due to the fact it is a sci-fi show and ridiculous at the same time.

Another TV programme I rarely watch but is in my favourites at this time is the American show “The Walking Dead”. A brilliant programme, not just about zombies and guns, but about the emotions and fear that drive these characters to what they do and there acts; such a brilliant show.

What is your favourite Film and Director?

Well at the moment a film Directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) is defiantly 
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”. The visual scope put into this movie, the way the Writers and the Director has kept close to the original comic book series in some aspects, locations, actors and so much more, makes this film a brilliant concept of an action packed and funny movie.

Christopher Nolan is a great director in my mind and because literally, this man is a genius. The way he visualizes everything and shows it to an audience is incredible. It also feels all new and fresh when Nolan directs a movie or even writes it. His films are very different from others; you can easily tell just how he has captured everything and put so much work into it.

What Magazines do you read?

In my spare time if I am on the train or simply bored, I usually read Empire Magazine. There is so much information on films newly released and due to be released reviews, etc. Just great magazines which you can get a closer look at everything and discover Actors/Actresses points of views on filming a movie. 

What Websites do you read?

I go on many websites during my time just to see updates or what’s going on in the world and most of the time I read articles on recent filming of a film, what’s coming up, reviews, etc.  And to get that sought of information would be going to websites like /Slash Film, Comic Book movie news (CBM) and Movie Web. These website never fail when I want updates and want to know what’s happening.

Also, when researching some Trivia or information or anything on a certain movie, I go to IMDB. Now IMDB is probably the best place to find out everything to do with a certain movie. For example: Locations, Budget and Box office recordings, Reviews, pictures, videos, Cast and Crew, technical specs and other films that are recommended with the choice of the film.