Friday, 27 January 2012

"Elements" Opening: The Crew

Today we all came to the decision on what are roles during the production would be. Below are the job roles we have decided for each other...

Pete Wall - Director

Joseph Marshall - Cameraman

Ashley Hough - Photographer / Sound

Thursday, 26 January 2012

"Elements" Opening: The Protagonists

We are soon to go into Production of our movie opening and have finally found
the actresses who will be playing the main protagonists in our project. The three
girls we have picked take Drama A-Level in our school and we have seen them
act, they seemed to be the perfect choice for the job.

Zoe Chapple as Flo

The character of Flo is the most mature out of the three characters and we needed
 an actress who looked like a strong character and able to be a surrogate sought of
mother to the other two. We thought Zoe was the perfect choice due to her look
and off course her acting is very good. I like to relate Zoe's look to '
Invisibility Woman' in the "Fantastic 4" movies who is also a strong character
to the superhero group. 

Effie Robinson as Autumn

Effie has a very powerful look to her in which we thought would fit perfectly with
the character of 'Autumn' as the character is a successful woman who earns a lot of money.
Effie was the perfect choice for Autumn due to her acting and also, we want the audience
 to be able to understand the characters status (which is high). The character is written and
 hopefully performed very stereotypical on rich people, for example the voice needs to be
posh and how she would hold bags of shopping or hold her mobile phone. 

Jessica Young as Scarlett 

The character of Scarlett is a unemployed young woman who is a bit of a rebel and still acts
 like a teenager most of the time. Jessica was our main person to play Scarlett as she is a
strong actress and had the look to her we wanted. The character also is not a very
fashionable person so we wanted to make sure that even though this character was
unemployed and hardly has a living, she still had an interesting look to her.

Monday, 16 January 2012

"Elements" Opening: Pre-Production - The Script

We decided that even though this was a two-minute opening, we decided to create a script in order to know what are opening was going to be and play out like instead of just scraps of notes. The script took about Two weeks to complete as we had done a script and then re-wrote it as there were a few changes needed to be made (thanks to Pete). Also we agreed to place in a page of dialogue for if we have space to place it within the two minute opening.

Monday, 9 January 2012

"Elements" Opening: Pre Production - Target Audience

Our target audience is aimed mainly at both sexes between the ages of 15-25 and is aimed at a mainstream audience with the chance of changing the audiences taste into films and even becoming film buffs.

Films such as the Spider-Man trillogy (Sam Rami) and the recent Batman trilogy (Christopher Nolan) are mainly aimed at Male audiences and minor female audiences. So I researched into more Female targeted films such as "Elektra" because we wanted a mix and it seems this film aims at both Male and Females of 15-30 years of age. This film got mixed reviews and did average at the box office which means it did well.