Monday, 26 March 2012

Elements Film Opening: Production Day Two

On Monday 27th February 2012 we continued filming only this time with Jess who plays the characters 'Scarlett' in the opening. There were different weather changes as it was late afternoon and the sun was out, but the last shoot it was darker. This did not effect the filming though as we waited for the clouds to pass the sun in order to get the correct lighting.

I started to film at the beach in which are character (Scarlett played by Jess) is sitting before receiving a text and walking off. Pete wanted to make the shots perfect and improve on last times shoot with the other two protagonists. I was picking up much of the wind through the cameras microphone as we were near the sea but I only shot when it had calmed down. I and the others wanted to keep mainly on 'eye line' with this character so the audience could connect with her in a way, much like the other protagonists in the film. 

I was very worried about filming on the bridge, me and the others had to be very careful of not revealing where we shot Zoe and Effie's scenes as they were not there this day. As it was getting later and the sun was drawing to a close I had to quickly film these scenes in order of the continuity to be right from the last shoot. Again we wanted to keep eye level with Jess as much as possible so we did so. The day overall was a success and we had a discussion (Pete and Ash) after the shoot, organising what we could do about the sound during the editing and came to the conclusion that with out getting rid of it, just change the audio volume and gain in order of not to much distortion during the scene. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Elements Film Opening: Production Day One

On February 25th 2012 we started on production of our two minute film opening and was the first of another day to come. We have only three main protaginists in this opening but only one of the actresses was not available that day to film due to other comittments. So we decided to go ahead by filming just Effie and Zoe (Autumn and Flo) doing mainly their scenes and when Jessica (Scarlett) would be available, do hers another day. The only problem we had was that at one point in the opening they are all together, but we managed to cheat this with the use of camera angles.

We started to shoot Effies scene in which it is her first appearence. The arcade was very quiet and not many problems happened during the shoot. When filming director Pete Wall asked me to do some shots that do not appear in the storyboard. The reason for this was mainly because during post-production, we would be able to have a variety of shots to choose and place in the main edit if the orginal storyboard shot did not work.

This is me filming the last of Effies solo scenes in the park (Bournemouth). Pete came up with some really good shots that were not in the storyboard once again and I suggested while there to do a backwards tracking shot of Effies character walking through the park to show her facial expressions and mood during this scene.  

Because Jess was not available for the shoot and her character was in a scene with the girls (when re-united), we cheated the shot by keeping Effie and Zoe in a two-shot together (also doing close-ups) and decided when Jess was available, shoot her scenes on the location they were and hopefully, the weather is fine.